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Italian Coffee


Meseta is the historical brand of Coind Group, major industrial group founded in 1961 in Castel Maggiore in the province of Bologna. Coind is a leading producer of private label coffee, which has today become an important player on an international scale.

Launched in 1963, the Meseta brand has always remained loyal to its mission: to make the finest espresso coffee, in full compliance with Italian tradition.

Italian Coffee


Cappuccineria is a new revolutionary and modern coffe for coffee lovers.

Cappuccineria provides espresso capsules and pods for Nespresso and Keurig machines. Our Capsules made with USDA certified organic coffee. Cappuccineria pods are 100% compostable, compatible with home espresso machines and the environment.

Italian Coffee

Dr. Neu

Dr.Neu was born from the research of Archimede R&D, a young Company founded in 2006 in Bologna, Italy, with the aim of develop more efficient products and technologies that can minimize the use of chemicals and their impact on healt and environment.

Dr.Neu innnovation was achieved with scientific research performed by the team of Archimede R&D and with collaboration with academic and industrial partners of the territory. Internal expertise and cooperation with valuable partner has led the Company to important patents such as:
– Bubbleboat, the “Method for preventing and controlling biofouling on marine objects”.
– Dr.Neu To prevent and control ovodeposition by mosquito, the “Method for the preventing and controlling organisms that infest aqueous systems”.
– Softballs, the biocatalytic spheres device to reduce limescale into the water.